Buying A Used Motor Home Made Easy

Use This Checklist To Make Sure You Don't Get Hosed.

So it’s time to buy a used motorhome. There’s a lot involved in this process. You’d like to know everything that can go wrong, but it’s impossible to know the future. The key to getting a good value and lowering the risk for future issues is to know what to look for. Having a list to reference  both before you start shopping and while you shop is the easiest way to make buying a used motor home as pain free as possible.. You can make your own or you can use the one I made. This checklist should set your mind at ease and ensure you avoid some major pitfalls you might have otherwise overlooked.

Important Questions To Ask Like:

  • How frequently has it been used? (Diesels are not suppossed to sit for an extended period of time.)
  • Do you smell any odors? This could indicate if it has been smoked in.
  • Do your vehicle and the trailer’s electrical hookup match? If not you may need to update your harness.
  • Are the vents and vent hoods in good condition?
  • Does the slide function well and the seals intact?

Getting Hosed Stops Here.

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